G-solutions is collection of software solutions.

NYLA Solutions Java API 

This Java API provides support for basic application utilities (application configuration, data encryption, debugger, text processing and more).



This project is a simple Data Access Object (DAO) abstraction. There are default implementations for the JDBC based access. This project expands on NYLA's Command pattern (a.k.a. COMMAS) for data access. This project implements NYLA's Query Service pattern for database based searches. The object nyla.solutions.dao.SQL is one of the most useful objects as it provides a simple interface to connect and perform JDBC data access (similar to the Spring Data JDBC Template API).


NYLA Office

NYLA Office provides utilities for creating Excel, PDF and open office documents.


NYLA Web is a project expands on NYLA's Command pattern (a.k.a. COMMAS) for building REST/web services. It implements its own Model View Controller pattern for pure JEE or web containers (ex: Jetty) MicroServices. This project provides NYLA's Query Service pattern for searches abstracted through web services.

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